YINKI® (Yin yoga + Reiki)

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YINKI® (Yin yoga + Reiki)

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This is a 90 min customized session that includes a combination of Reiki energy healing while in yin yoga postures.   

Yin yoga is a passive style of hatha yoga that targets the connective tissues (bones, joints, ligaments, and fascia) by holding yin postures for a period of time (between 3-7min).  The yin postures are primarily focused on the lower half of the body.
During the session you will receive Reiki (universal healing energy) for a deeper relaxing experience that brings balance and removes stagnant energy blockages.  This is a wonderful healing experience, and a great way to unwind from the stresses of the day.

What you will Receive:

  • Customized yin yoga session

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Meditation & Breathwork (pranayama)

  • Aromatherapy

**This service is also available on Simbi.  https://simbi.com/cristina-bonilla/yinki-yoga-yin-yoga-reiki