Photo Credit: Tim Powers

Photo Credit: Tim Powers


Registered Yoga Teacher Certification, (RYT 500) Yoga Alliance.  600+ hour Therapeutic Hatha Yoga teacher training through Shafa Yoga.

Thai Yoga Training, Tah Groen

Yinki® Yoga Instructor Training, Tranquility Wellness Center

Reiki Master Teacher Training, Tranquility Wellness Center

Healing From Within Mentor, Personal Transformation Program created by Alisha Olivier Park.

MFA Interior Architecture & Design, Academy of Art University.  Thesis focus on creating "sacred space" in everyday living spaces for health & wellbeing.

BFA Interior Design, San Diego State University







My Story  

Throughout my life a curiosity and openness led me to explore my true purpose:  to inspire others to realize their true potential by teaching tools for self-empowerment.

My own demanding schedule and unbalanced lifestyle as an interior designer led me through a cycle of suffering that included debilitating anxiety attacks and a long healing journey.  I found Reiki and yoga, meditation and holistic healing.  My passion for design and the healing arts evolved into a more holistic perspective on life and I've learned that our outer environments are truly a reflection of our inner selves. 

My journey of self-discovery and healing guided me toward teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga and holistic healing.  I now share these gifts with students who are ready and open to exploring holistic healing methods that strengthen the mind, body, and emotions.

Regardless of whether you are just beginning to explore yoga or you are a seasoned yoga student, these customized wellness packages are tailored to your unique journey and they are taught in a private or semi-private setting. 

If you are struggling with the stresses of an imbalanced lifestyle and a lack of inspiration or passion for your life but you are ready and willing to begin the journey of self-discovery and take inspired action to make big changes in your life, then please reach out.  Having a mentor or teacher to help guide and hold space for you during this process of transformation is invaluable.   I would love to offer some guidance.

-Cristina Bonilla