"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do" -Rumi

When your motivation is fading, take some time to be still and quiet then ask yourself what inspires you to get up in the morning, to work, to relate to others? Yoga urges us to keep questioning and tapping into our innate driving force.  

This boutique wellness company offers one-on one customized yoga programs, personal transformation mentoring, workshops, retreats and public classes that assist you in creating a healthier lifestyle and support your own healing journey so that you feel inspired to realize your full potential. 

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Cristina is so lovely and has a strong healing energy. Twice now we’ve done her unique reiki sessions with crystals and essential oils, and both times were powerful experiences. She is gentle and let’s you know what to expect. I felt a lot of energy shifts in my body as she did her thing. I even had some much needed emotional release.
Afterward, she took the time to listen to my thoughts and feedback, and she had me pull some oracle cards, which were also very helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs balancing or healing energy. I am so grateful for her strong yet gentle compassionate spirit!
— Jennifer Burton (Aug 21, 2018)
Cristina was great to work with! The session was very relaxing and I fell asleep. I did feel my hands tingling a little before I drifted off. I also really appreciate the card reading after the session. Thank you Cristina!
— Andrea Schmidt (Aug. 14, 2018)
Excellent class - love the mix of Yin & Reiki. Enhances both styles - felt great afterwards. Everyone should try it.
— Rebecca Prsha (April 12, 2019)
Cristina provided a fantastic session. Thank you so much!
— Megan Oswald (Jul 25, 2018)
Cristina has great energy and the Reiki crystal healing was so relaxing. The space is wonderful and she let me choose which oil to diffuse. Very professional! Will definitely be working with Cristina again :-)
— Evelynn Mimi Jones (Nov 11, 2017)
I traded with Cristina and her Reiki session was very relaxing for me. I fell asleep on her table and after it was done, everything seemed more clear. Awesome experience.
— William Pham (Oct. 10, 2017)
Cristina is a wonderful healer and a joy to work with! Highly recommended.
— Chireya Fox (Sept. 18, 2017)